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Bullpen Relief Awards – The Bullpen Relief Award is rewarded to the pitcher with the highest cumulative total of BPR multiplied by BPR+.

Kirk Gibson AwardsKirk Gibson is the only modern day player to have won an MVP award and never be selected to play in the All-Star game during his career.  The Kirk Gibson Award recognizes the player with the highest WAR in a Major League season that didn’t make the All-Star team.

Tramaker Awards – The Tramaker Award is named after Alan Trammell and Lou Whitaker.  Trammell and Whitaker were the best all-around double play combination in MLB history in terms of WAR.  The Tramaker Award recognizes the highest WAR combo of any SS/2B duo in a Major League season.

Best all-around double play combos in MLB history
Sorted by combined bWAR
Combination (SS,2B) Team Years SS bWAR 2B bWAR total bWAR
Alan Trammell, Lou Whitaker Tigers 1978-95 68.9 71.6 140.5
Pee Wee Reese*, Jackie Robinson* Dodgers 1947-56 47.6 58.7 106.3
Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley Phillies 2003-12 35.9 53.5 89.4
Dave Concepcion, Joe Morgan* Reds 1972-79 27.3 56.7 84
Billy Rogell, Charlie Gehringer* Tigers 1930-39 22.7 59.3 82
Honus Wagner*, Claude Ritchey Pirates 1900-06 54.4 23.3 77.7
Joe Tinker*, Johnny Evers* Cubs 1902-12 42.8 34.5 77.3
Jack Berry, Eddie Collins* A’s 1908-15 20.9 53 73.9
Derek Jeter, Robinson Cano Yankees 2005-12 26.5 34.8 61.3
Luis Aparicio*, Nellie Fox* White Sox 1956-62 20.8 24 44.8

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