I started Baseball Unplugged as a way to speak my mind on all things baseball-related.  With MLB’s average time of game over 3 hours long in 2014… coupled with the Hall of Fame snubbing of some entertaining players from the 1980’s… I believe it is time to find middle ground between Sabermetrics and old school philosophies.  Let’s give credit to the pitchers who can throw complete games and provide bullpen relief.

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-Bob Barnes

Mission Statement: To give old school baseball fans a chance to unplug from the status quo. To create new stats that quantify durability, skill, toughness and/or team collaboration. To provide a unique experience from other baseball sites. To talk about baseball situations that will arise throughout the year… and to have fun.

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***Re-Update: As of July 28, 2018, Baseball Unplugged is back on!  http://baseball-unplugged.com/

***Update: As of February 14th, 2015, Baseball Unplugged is now part of Hardball To The Core.  Click on the following link to visit: http://hardballcore.wordpress.com/

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